Traumatic Brain Injury Care

Expert care is essential.

Allwel was one of the first agencies to provide specialized services for people with traumatic brain injury in Western New York and opened a New York City office in 2004.


Allwel provides care for people with a TBI through the Medicaid Waiver Program.

Allwel’s team members provide a comprehensive approach to seeing the needs of a person with cognitive losses. We provide case management, behavioral interventions, counseling, and independent skills training depending on the needs of the individual and the severity of their brain injury.

About the TBI Waiver Program

The Home and Community-Based Services Medicaid Waiver for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (HCBS/TBI) was developed by the New York State Department of Health to allow persons with a traumatic brain injury to receive services in community settings rather than institutional settings. For the NYC Regional Resource Development Center, please call 718-816-3555 to begin this process.

What to Expect When Caring for Someone with a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury can affect thinking, language, judgment, and behavior. No two injuries are the same, so it is difficult to measure one person’s progress against another. When caring for someone with TBI, you might observe that their ability to do certain tasks may come without any issue at home, but may be difficult to generalize into another setting. Caring for persons with TBI requires a lot of trial and error and finding creative and unique solutions that work for that person. For example, some people enjoy a humorous approach. We believe in having a real conversation about what to expect, so let’s talk about it, we are here to help.

Always keep in mind that no two days will be the same. Mood and energy level have a lot do with how the day will progress for someone with a brain injury. Patience, flexibility, and creative problem solving are all beneficial approaches to best supporting someone with cognitive, physical, emotional, and behavioral struggles.

There are many services that are offered in the Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program, such as: Service Coordination, Independent Living Skills Training, Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, etc. The goal is maximum integration living in the community and as much autonomy as possible for the patient.