Our History

Compassionate care from day one.

Our founders had a very clear vision when they began this agency two decades ago. Working in related fields, the owners pooled their expertise to create a new agency. They began Allwel in order to meet two missions: First, they wanted to create a model of care that prioritized listening to the patient, respecting the patient, and valuing the patient. Second, they wanted a workplace where people enjoyed coming to work and could find a meaningful career. This is why you’ll find many staff have stayed with Allwel through the years.

Based on their success in Western New York, our New York City office was opened in 2004. Over the following years, the owners realized how their experience and expertise made them uniquely qualified to expand and provide home care services for people with other chronic conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. They also began to serve people with disabilities requiring physical and supportive care.

In 2014 we renamed our agency “Allwel” to more accurately reflect the expansion of our mission beyond traumatic brain injury care. We provide the supports needed to help the people who need care get it where they want to stay – at home.