Olivia Kissi

Service Coordinator and Community Development Specialist, NYC

Olivia started with Allwel in December of 2018.

Olivia started her job at Allwel in late 2018. Prior to that she worked at the CenterLight Health system in Bronx, NY, for 16 years, starting there as a part time weekend receptionist even before she completed high school! She then transitioned to full time receptionist, attending her undergrad at the same time. During her time at CenterLight she also did some work in the Business department doing claims processing and also started “cross training” for case management services in their Personal Care Unit. Olivia has also had other diverse experiences such as the opportunity to work in a union based hospital that needed to downsize. This meant that Olivia at one time worked two full time jobs! In addition, Olivia, also obtained a Masters degree, proving that she is able to handle multiple challenges all at one time, while holding them all in balance.

At Allwel, Olivia is a service coordinator for clients on the Medicaid Waiver programs, and likens her job to “being involved with all the concerns of a close relative”. She enjoys seeing change and in seeing people grow, and her satisfaction lies in being able to assist in changes that add to a person’s “quality of life”, whether it is in obtaining medical transportation or food stamps, or any one of the numerous challenges her clients face every day.

To have balance in her life, Olivia tries to also maintain a focus on “growing herself”- and to do that she “indulges” occasionally in self care, meditation, or simply time on her own away from work, family and kids.